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An Introduction

Welcome to Sour to Sweet!

This blog is for anyone who is has felt the impact of the bad economy on themselves or their loved ones.  Although this “Great Recession” began back in 2007, my family had been fortunate enough to avoid any serious consequences of the economic downturn until this year.  But when it hit, it hit hard.  In the space of weeks, multiple friends and family members found themselves unemployed and fearful for their financial futures.  We’ve probably been luckier than most.  The misfortune and the fear unemployment or financial uncertainty generates inspired me to start this blog.

The name “Sour to Sweet” derives from the familiar adage “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  What I am looking for are people who found themselves unemployed or suffered a loss of financial stability in recent years and turned their misfortune into an opportunity to follow their passion and achieve financial success.  I know you are out there and I am asking you to share your stories with me so you can inspire others.

I want this blog to inspire.  I want it to give people hope and courage.  I want readers who have been unable to find employment through traditional means to consider thinking outside the box and, maybe, find a way to marry their passions with financial success and security.  Wouldn’t that be a fantastic unintended consequence of our current economic troubles?

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