If you enter a google search with search terms like “economy,” “employment” and “jobs,” guarantee you that everything you read will scare you. It is frightening for people who are currently employed, never mind those individuals who are looking for work. This blog is my attempt to counterbalance the doom and gloom that’s already out there. Let’s celebrate the successes that, seemingly against all odds, have occurred despite the economic downturn.

Here is what this blog is NOT. This is not a forum for sharing negative commentary on the state of the economy. This blog will not include links to news stories about the economy or the jobless rate unless and until they have something optimistic to report.

Instead, this blog will be a compilation of positive stories. If you have your own story to tell or know someone else who has a passion that they want to turn into financial success, please contact me and let me share that story here.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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