Not Your Grandmother’s Garage Sale

Meet Josh Horowitz, President and Founder of Sell My Stuff CanadaSell My Stuff Canada is a Toronto-based company offering organizational and sales services to individuals interested in selling the contents of their houses.  An average customer might require Sell My Stuff Canada’s services when he or she is remodeling a home, downsizing living spaces, or organizing and dissolving the estate of a deceased loved one.

Josh graduated college with a degree in business.  He “had a few businesses here or there” but nothing that lasted long term.  He was working in the condominium development business when the Great Recession hit Canada and his job dissipated during a lay off.

Organizing content sales is a tradition in Josh’s family going back to his great grandmother.  She would organize garage sales informally for a small fee.  Josh’s interest in the family business was renewed when his grandfather’s Alzheimer’s disease required supervision that only a nursing home could provide and Josh’s grandmother needed assistance disposing of furniture that was not going to fit in her new, smaller living space.  Josh stepped in.

“She didn’t know who to call or who could help.  Because of that I did research on the internet and found there was big potential here, a market that was not being served.”  This experience provided the kernel of inspiration for Josh’s next business, a family content sales business that followed in the steps of his great grandmother.  Josh wanted to build “a successful, more reputable business rather than weekend garage sale.”  Sell My Stuff Canada was born.

Under Josh’s leadership, the company employs a number of his family members including his parents, two brothers, sister, grandparents and aunt.  The number of people employed by the company varies from project to project.

Sell My Stuff Canada’s largest project to date was an 18,000 square foot house.  “It was a $12 million house.  It took us a couple weeks to set up and we pretty much sold everything in the house in a one day sale.”  A video depicting this project is available on the company’s website.

What exactly does Sell My Stuff Canada offer?  The company offers “a highly efficient and organized process” of tackling the “insurmountable” task of disposing of the contents of an entire home or estate.  For a percentage commission, determined on a case-by-case basis, Sell My Stuff Canada will organize a house’s contents, research and set appropriate pricing for the items involved, and invite buyers to purchase the items in a one day sale.  Buyers familiar with Sell My Stuff Canada can visit the company’s website to view digital pictures of sale items prior to the sale itself.  Sell My Stuff Canada also offers a junk removal service.

Josh’s extensive use of the internet to market and grow the company is perhaps the greatest innovation he has introduced to the family business.

“We’re the newest and the freshest out there.  It’s not like your grandmother’s garage sale.  We have a newer hipper feel.  We come up with new, fresh ways to do things.  We’re more technologically advanced.  We’re going above and beyond to make each sale successful and unique.”  In addition to its website, Sell My Stuff Canada has a presence on facebook and twitter.

Sell My Stuff Canada is now in its fourth year.  Over the next several years, Josh hopes to build the company’s reputation and brand across Canada and, eventually, into the United States through franchising and a strong web presence.  The company’s new website allows franchisees to create their own site linked to Sell My Stuff Canada’s main page.  To preserve the company’s positive reputation and brand, these franchisees are provided an extensive training manual instructing them on the appropriate Sell My Stuff Canada processes and procedures.

“We are the biggest content sale brand in Canada,” explained Josh, “and we want to be the go-to place for content sales.”

The company’s primary marketing tool is its website.  However, Josh is increasingly contacted by potential customers who heard about the company through word of mouth.  In addition, the company is in talks to develop a reality television show chronicling its activities.  The reality television show represents a tremendous opportunity to build the company’s brand and introduce Sell My Stuff Canada to an even wider audience.

Josh, best wishes for continued success!

If you are, or someone you know is, pursuing a passion despite this tough economy, please contact me here.

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